Diverse knowledge to meet the needs of
water-related projects

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Baseline Water provides a wide range of services in areas of baseline hydrogeological assessment, water supply licensing, water well testing, groundwater monitoring and gas migration assessment. Our employees’ experience in geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry provides a diverse knowledge base to meet the needs of your water‐related projects.

Assessment of regional baseline hydrogeological conditions provides information needed to assist in the management and protection of surface and groundwater resources. The initial assessment is a reference point for measuring potential changes resulting from development within the study area.

Characterization of regional aquifers and surface/groundwater resources is derived from the study of existing geological and hydrogeological information as well as from on‐site well installation, monitoring and water quality testing.

A typical assessment includes the following:


Groundwater and Aquifer Characterization

  • Description of the regional bedrock, surficial geology and associated hydrostratigraphic units
  • Identification and characterization of aquifers and aquitards:
  • Determination of the degree of hydraulic connectivity between aquifers
  • Water table / potentiometric surface maps showing water table elevations and hydraulic head contours


Surface Water Characterization

  • Identification of local surface water bodies and seasonal flow
  • Determination of surface water and groundwater interactions
  • Characterization of stream flow and surface water quality


 Water Usage and Future Development 

  • Description of current and potential future uses of surface and groundwater resources
  • Assessment of the sustainability and risks associated with water resources


Water Supply
Evaluation &

Water supply evaluations are conducted for the following sectors:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) operations
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (ER) projects
  • Oilfield Facility and Camp water supply
  • Residential and Commercial Developments


Water Supply Evaluation & Licensing

The development of suitable water supplies for oil and gas, industrial, and municipal sectors is an important component of Baseline Water's services. Hydrogeological services include the identification, evaluation, design, implementation and management of groundwater or surface water supplies. In keeping with best practices, water sources include freshwater, saline groundwater (deep aquifer) and tertiary (re‐used/recycled) water.



Temporary Diversion Licence (TDL)

Users seeking to divert non‐saline water must obtain either a Term Licence or a Temporary Diversion Licence (TDL). Depending on the water source, intended use and required volume, a detailed report completed by a registered professional is required to accompany the application. Baseline Water's experience and established relationships with service companies and regulators can aid the timeline and approval of licence applications.



Deep Aquifer Supply and Disposal

Saline groundwater is generally characterized with a total dissolved solid (TDS) concentration greater than 4,000 mg/L. The use of drill stem test (DST) data, injectivity testing and logging information can assist in deep aquifer supply and disposal. Proper well development, chemical treatment and geophysical logging can improve the success of a deep aquifer supply or disposal project.


Baseline Water Well
Testing &

Baseline Water provides the full range of services required by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) with respect to water well testing by utilizing in‐house staff for:

  • Field Verification of Water Wells as per AER Directives 08 and 35
  • Water Well and Spring Testing for Seismic, Oil & Gas and Industrial Projects
  • Water Well Testing Program Development and Training
  • Water Well Complaint Investigations
  • Data Compilation and Tracking with Access to our Online Portal
  • Reporting and Professional Signoff



We place a priority on ensuring our discussions and relations with stakeholders are positive and acknowledge individuals unique concerns and requests while conducting our work. This focus minimizes feedback to our clients and enhances stakeholder relations throughout the drilling, completion and production phases of a project.



Baseline Water ensures that the most stringent company and client protocols are followed. Baseline Water has established Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for Water Well Testing and Investigations, Confined Space Entry and Atmospheric Testing for Exposure to Hazardous Environments as outlined in our "Company Policy and Procedures Manual: Safe Work and Environmental Operations".




Groundwater &
Surface Water

Baseline Water has expertise in groundwater and surface water monitoring programs ranging from oil and gas to commercial/industrial sites. We provide planning, installation and ongoing management of groundwater monitoring networks throughout Western Canada.


Our Services Includes:

  • Borehole drilling and logging
  • Optimizing the placement and number of piezometers
  • Long‐term monitoring of hydraulic properties and water quality
  • Determination of surface water interactions with groundwater (Groundwater Under Direct Influence of Surface Water, GWUDI)
  • Routine reporting of monitoring network performance and exceedances


Hydrogeochemical Analysis & Interpretation

Baseline Water provides expertise in identifying sources and processes influencing water chemistry by combining physical, chemical, stable isotope and hydrometric data. Aqueous geochemical mixing models are used to predict potential chemical reactions.



Baseline Water has established Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for Borehole Drilling and Monitoring Well Installation, Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling and Surface Water Monitoring and Sampling as outlined in our "Company Policy and Procedure Manual: Safe Work and Environmental Operations“.


Environmental Site
Assessment (ESA) &

Baseline Water provides a full range of environmental services including assessment, monitoring, approvals and site remediation.


Field programs typically involve:

  • Completion of Phase I ESA
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Supervision of ground disturbance activities
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Soil and/or vegetation characterization
  • Borehole drilling (Phase II ESA)
  • Monitoring well installations


Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Baseline Water offers technical guidance in soil and groundwater remediation involving a variety of technologies including:

  • Soil vapour extraction (SVE)
  • Excavation and on‐site treatment or off‐site disposal
  • Groundwater contaminant recovery and treatment
  • Natural attenuation



Baseline Water has established Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for all environmental assessment activities as maintained in our "Company Policy and Procedure Manual: Safe Work and Environmental Operations".


Gas Migration

A Gas Migration Assessment quantifies organic vapours in the subsurface. In Alberta, Gas Migration Assessments are mandatory for well abandonment under Alberta Energy Regulator Directive 020: Well Abandonment. Gas Migration Assessments are conducted by installing Soil Vapour Wells (SVW) to collect migrating gas. Bubble tests are conducted to assess the Surface Casing Vent.


Typical field programs include:

  • Installation of Soil Vapour Wells (SVW) at each sample location to collect Organic Vapour Measurements (OVM).
  • Sample selection and submission to an approved laboratory for gas composition and isotopic analysis.
  • Report preparation, which includes review and interpretation of gas composition and isotopic analysis results




Baseline has established Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for Gas Migration Assessments and Ground Disturbance activities as outlined in our "Company Policy and Procedure Manual: Safe Work and Environmental Operations".



Water Management

Baseline Water provides Water Management Plans for industry through a comprehensive review of local and regional water resources. We provide water use surveys and inventory services allowing our clients to address water conservation initiatives. The data is used to identify regulatory and licensing priorities and allow for streamlined reporting on water use.


Water Use Surveys:

  • Development of Survey for Water Use Data Collection
  • Compilation of Corporate Water Inventories
  • Reconcile Water Use with Provincial Licence Data
  • Identify Water Uses at Risk and Strategies to Address new Licenses and Renewals
  • Data Tracking and Water Use Trending


Corporate Water Strategy:

  • Assessment of groundwater, surface water and tertiary water (re‐use/recycle) source options
  • Review regulations and policies associated with the water resources in the study area
  • Identify stakeholders for water resources in the study area
  • Identify water treatment options for water use and/or disposal
  • Provide environmental risk and cost assessments associated with each water source


Water Source Toolbox™

The Water Source Toolbox developed by Baseline Water provides a practical and innovative framework for the assessment and selection of water resources. The Water Source Toolbox integrates economic, social and environmental considerations and is comprised of three valuable water sourcing tools:

  • Water Source Decision Tool
  • Water Source Cost Calculator
  • Water Sustainability Assessment using the GEMI Local Water Tool (LWT)TM for Oil and Gas

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